DEYANG DONGFANG ZHUOYUE ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD locates in a land of abundance, DEYANG city, which is China's major technical equipment manufacturing base.

It is a newly found private enterprise reorganized from and inherited the advantages of DEYANG DONGFANG ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPEMNT FACTORY.

As per the Auction Confirmation issued by MianYang Tai Ding Auction Co., LTD dated 13th April, 2005, the brand intangible assets, patent intellectual property rights, all the technical data and the main machining and inspection equipments which belong to the old DEYANG DONGFANG ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPEMNT FACTORY were sold to DEYANG DONGFANG ZHUOYUE ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.

Our company declares simultaneously: those who confound right and wrong by manufacturing and selling electro technical special equipments in the name of DEYANG DONGFANG ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPEMENT FACTORY to cheat consumers are illegal.

Now, we have not only the main and auxiliary production workshop which belonged to the old DONGFANG ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPEMNT FACTORY in the past (before reorganizing, it was the main processing and assembling workshop of the factory) but also more than 100 sets of large and medium-sized processing and manufacturing equipments.

The manufacturing factory building covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. It has a well-trained design, marketing, managing, machinery processing and equipping team consist of nearly 400 people. On the basis of inheriting the product and technical advantages of the old DONGFANG ELECTROTECHNICAL EQUIPEMNT FACTORY fully, we take the innovative mechanism and devote our mind to the product structure design, product improvement, adoption of the new material and the new technology. We take the path of producing competitive products to enhance our customer's satisfaction by visiting our customers, collecting their feed-back information, making each set of our products improve etc.

We can carry on manufacturing all kinds of complete equipment of Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line Series (the newest type in China); Aluminum & Alloy Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line Series; Tubular Stranding Machine Series(conveyor idler or big bearing supporting); Rigid Frame Stranding Machine Series; Cage Stranding Machine Series; Cross Stranding Machine; Copper Rod Breakdown Machine; Straight-line Aluminum & Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine Series and Continuous Lead Extruding Line Series etc.

We have advanced measuring and inspecting instrument, adopt the ISO, IEC international standard, national standard, industry standard and enterprise standard to research, develop and manufacture products. From the design, exploiture, purchase,
manufacture, to the installation and service, in the whole process, perfect quality guarantee system ensures the satisfying products be produced perennially and steadily. In a 3-dimensional coordinate system of the rationality, reliability and the economy, our products seek for the best position of product's cost performance.

Hope our professional design,
devotional manufacturing hold your attention.

With strong technology power, abundant manufacturing experience, innovative mechanism and continuous product design improvement and quality controlling, we are the good partner you are seeking.

Welcome to visit us and give us your valuable suggestion.

Email: Addr: No. 20, TuMenJiang Road, Economic & Technical Development Zone, Deyang City, Sichuan China.
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